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In partnership with the community, Castro Valley Unified School District educates students in a learning environment that is safe, nurturing and culturally responsive. Students are guided by excellent inspired staff, utilizing innovative instruction, curricula and technology.

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Black minds matter

Join CVUSD for Black Minds Matter Spring 2023 Cohort

Black Minds Matter is a course offered by Castro Valley Unified School District in collaboration with Tyson Amir of the Freedom Soul Media Education Initiatives. Our course features curriculum, research and the most current strategies to improve outcomes for African-American students. We examine challenges facing African- American students in schools, and explore research-based strategies to improve success.
Compassionate Dialogue

How to Talk About Race and Other Challenging Topics

CVUSD in partnership with EPOCH Education Presents: Compassionate Dialogue

Participants will learn to engage in honest conversations about challenging topics while also inviting connection and inclusion using the RIR (Recognize It, Interrupt It, Repair It) Protocol.

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