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Principal's Message

Alma State Preschool is designed to provide a warm, nurturing environment that celebrates the diversity of each family, in which a child can spend his /her first, extremely important, year in school. This program will allow each child to grow and realize his/her fullest potential, according to the individual’s own development and problem solving skills, while exploring language arts, math, science and social studies. Alma State Preschool partners with each family, in order to better serve the students and families. This partnership is founded in open, two-way communication, in order to share expertise and decision making. The program also assists families in creating support networks, as well as locating and using appropriate community resources, as needed. 
The program serves 3 - 4 year old students. This is a state publicly funded program specifically serving families who meet income eligibility criteria.  The program serves a total of 48 students through our AM and PM sessions for 180 days a year.